Consignment shops are the perfect place to shop if you want great style on a budget.  Here are the reasons you should shop consignment.

Recycle, repurpose and reuse! Buying second-hand keeps items out of the landfill and gives them new life.

Great Brands to Choose From
Consignment shops carry name brands and allow you to invest in classic piece that will last a long time, well below their original retail price. They also have a variety of brands and styles all in one place.

Discounted Prices
Name brand clothing can be expensive, but consignment stores sell at a huge discount off retail prices, even on items that are new with tags.

Gently Used Items
One of the best things about shopping consignment vs a thrift store is that all items are fully inspected so you will only find quality used and often new items.

Seasonal Items That Are on Trend
Consignment items are all inspected and the shop carries items that are relevant, seasonal and wearable.

Pleasant Shopping Experience
Consignment stores are generally well organized making it easier to find what you are looking for.

New Items Added Weekly
Consignment stores add new merchandise almost daily, so with an ever-changing inventory it doesn’t get boring. Remember that consignment stores only have one of something so if you love it, buy it, it may not be there tomorrow. Eco Chic Consignment Boutique adds approximately 100-150 items per week.

Supporting Members of Your Community
Consignments stores are almost always locally owned and the consignors are also usually local, so when you shop, you are supporting many members your local community.

Personal Service
Consignment shop owners are usually on hand and active in the business, so that you get lots of personal service and attention. Eco Chic Consignment Boutique offers private shopping/styling by appointment as well as shopping parties allowing you and friends to have a customized shopping experience.